“This is a testimonial about how Lori helped me to save my organs.  Yes, she is my daughter, and yes, like most parents, I think my children are pretty great. But here is how my daughter has helped me with some serious health issues;

Around 2006 I was having severe abdominal pain accompanied with some other possibly dangerous symptoms, and following a colonoscopy that generated a diagnosis of diverticulitis, my doctor recommended a solution of removing part of my colon. Just like that. Start removing body parts. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to start removing body parts unless my life was in danger if I didn’t do it. At my daughters urging, she suggested I try something else, and I could always start removing body parts later if this next step didn’t work.

I travelled to Denver to see a chiropractor that suggested I eliminate some foods from my diet (which my daughter had also suggested), particularly dairy and gluten, and the removal of those foods completely took away my intestinal pain- making the colon removal unnecessary! It also improved my health so I could regain strength. Over the years I mostly stayed off of dairy, but did start to include gluten and other foods back into my diet.

Then, in 2011, I started having the intense abdominal pain again, with gripping and severe cramping on the right side. Doctors found gallstones, and even though I took supplements to try and dissolve the gall stones, I still had pain, and my daughter strongly suggested I go on the GAPS diets to heal my gut and lessen the pain. The GAPS diet helped me immensely to lead an active lifestyle and took away all the pain again! My daughter walked me through the process of utilizing the GAPS diet, gave me pointers, and made the entire process much easier; as diet changes are not always easy. But again, as I didn’t have as many problems over the years, I started adding all the foods in again.

In 2013, I started having the intense pain and cramping on the right side again. Doctors found the gallstones again, and gallstones large enough that doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder. Here again, I believe God gave us these organs for a reason, and unless removing them was necessary to save my life, I felt I needed these God-given organs and wanted to use them. My daughter’s insistence on me making and using bone broth, acknowledging that eating dairy caused me pain, and using a few other remedies is what eliminated all of my pain again and allowed me to keep my gallbladder! I was also able to avoid the pain and complications of major surgery and the often unwanted side effects of organ removal.
I am so thankful that I had my daughter to help guide me through these health issues and I would encourage others to make use of her knowledge- because you don’t have to live with the pain – and organ removal doesn’t always have to be your first choice!”