Mountain Soul Aroma Oil; A “Conscious” Essential Oil Blend

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By Lori Roop May 4th, 2018

My love for the tri-distilled mountain soul blend of pinion pine (Pinus edulis), Utah juniper (Juniperus osteosperma) and sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) began right away the first time I smelled the combined essential oils. This blend has spoken to me from the moment I inhaled its terpenic-balsamic, coniferous, piney scent with beautiful ethereal high notes. This scent clears my mind and expands my consciousness, while simultaneously grounding me. The scent imbues a distinct spiritual element that feels very sacred. A surprising aspect to me was the subtle aphrodisiac attributes of this blend.

All three of these essential oils are most well-known for their respiratory-ailing properties, such as for allergies, colds, sinus issues, etc, and for their pain relief properties, such as for arthritis or muscular pain issues. I’m making sure to keep this stocked in my medicine cabinet for the next time I or my children have a cold/cough and we can try this on our chests. (Always make sure to do a skin patch test first –see below.) For the elderly and young children or people with sensitive skin, I might dilute this in a bit more carrier oil, such as olive or almond oil.  (You can purchase Mountain Soul here.)

For All Vital Roots products, First Do A Skin Patch Test

Even though all my products contain only natural ingredients, and zero synthetic ingredients, people can still react to any natural ingredient, including essential oils. To make sure you don’t have a sensitivity to a product, performing a skin patch test will make sure the product is safe for you. Here’s how:

1. Apply a small amount of product to a patch of skin on the inside of your elbow. Rub the product in and allow it to dry on the skin.

2. Do not wash that area of the skin for at least 24 hours; watch for signs of a reaction.

3. If there is no reaction, then this product is most likely safe for you to use on other areas of your body.


Whether you are using this oil as….

o divinely scented perfume, or
o an uplifting meditation anointing oil, or
o a decongesting chest rub, or
o an anti-inflammatory joint application, or
o or as a tempting pulsepoint oil aimed to seduce your partner,

I hope you enjoy this oil as much as I have!

Contraindications: A) Switch up your scents, using different aroma oils throughout the month. B) Several Artemisia spp. profiles in Tisserand and Young’s Essential Oil Safety Reference Guide recommend avoiding certain Artesimia species in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Always use caution during these times in a woman’s life and consult your trusted, qualified practitioner. C) May need to be avoided by those with a camphor sensitivity.

What does conscious mean?
Conscious /kon shuh s/ adj. 1: aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake. 2: having knowledge of something; aware. 3: painfully aware of; sensitive to. (Google)

I wanted to use “conscious” in the context of being aware of where our purchases and resources are coming from. Let us be conscious of not stripping our land and endangering plants to create potent essential oils. Let us be conscious of utilizing and supporting the local economy, and not idolizing only exotic plants from far away places (when the plants around us can be quite extraordinary!) Let us be conscious of working together WITH nature, instead of simply consuming. And I don’t think these are new ideas; I think the collective conscience (see my play with the words there, lol) of our holistic community is well-acquainted with these ideas and want to implement them as much as possible. Which makes my heart swell with love and pride for everyone that loves nature. 🙂

Mountain soul is the very first blend in my brand new “conscious” aroma oil collection. What makes these essential oils unique is how they are created. The plants are all local and growing readily on the Colorado Plateau, with many of the plants also common in the Rocky Mountain region – mainly conifers and brushes. The collection of the plant material is what really sets these essential oils apart from others. The plants collected are already slated to be destroyed; for example, if a town is going to build a new road and remove all the trees and plant matter – then these plants are collected to be made into essential oils. Or the plant material is collected from pruning limbs growing into back country roads, or perhaps saplings being thinned for fire mitigation, or maybe after a storm knocks a tree down. It’s such an incredible re-use of plants that were going to be demolished anyway! On top of all this, almost all of the gathering and processing are done mainly by hand, in a beautiful, high desert, remote location. These conscious essential oils are more than just artisanal and wildcrafted – and I will explain the additional benefits below.

So here are the elements of my conscious essential oil blends:

o bioregional – specifically using local material from the Colorado Plateau and Rocky Mountain region.
o sustainable –only using resources as they are available and limiting production to allow for re-growth.
o salvage harvesting – which is different than ethical wildcrafting or organic growing, as all plant material is growing uncultivated in its natural habitat (instead of farmed), but also this wild plant material has been deemed unusable by the county, state or private land owners and is then rescued (aka salvaged) to create these magnificent essential oils.

I hope you find that this blend transports you into a tranquil and ceremonial state, surrounded by towering Conifers and rocky hillsides in mountain fresh air. Let the trees speak to you.  I know I’m having a great time listening.

Purchase Mountain Soul here.

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