CIRS, aka mold illness, is a debilitating, chronic condition that resists treatment from methods employed by doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists or nutritionists used in the past.

A very specific protocol is necessary in order to treat the root cause of the condition, which is the immune dysfunction of the HLA-DR genetic variance.

I am extremely knowledgeable about the Shoemaker protocol, additional protocols, histamine intolerance and more used to treat mold illness, and my services can help you in several different ways.

1. I can support you and/or act as a health advocate as you go through the Shoemaker protocol or other mold illness protocols with your Shoemaker-certified doctor, ISEAI doctor, or other knowledgeable mold illness doctor.

Doctors treating mold illness are not cheap, and there are often questions you may have during the time in between your appointments. Having an appointment with me can help you get some questions answered while you wait for your next appointment. And during the process of diagnosis or right after, can be a very scary time. Discussing this with me and going over small steps you can take before your next appointment can ease fears and help you feel like you are moving toward recovery instead of feeling stuck. There are also several tricks to taking cholestyramine that you might not have had the chance to go over with your doctor at your last appointment. As someone who has dealt with mold illness myself, has helped many others go through the process and currently runs a local mold illness support group, there are many different tips I can offer you to make this transition easier. My appointments are very affordable and give you constant contact with someone that knows the protocol. But be aware I cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat.

2. I can help you feel better and support you through the debilitating symptoms of mold illness.

For example, the sole act of changing your diet will never cure you of mold illness, but diet changes I suggest can often make a world of difference to how you feel. These are diet changes that go beyond Dr. Shoemaker’s low-amylose diet, and in addition, I can help you understand the low-amylose diet premise. I am continually surprised at how many mold illness sufferers are not aware of the food sensitivities brought on by mold illness and how much diet changes can help them. Another example is utilizing herbs and supplements to help alleviate even the most severe symptoms. I personally cannot imagine going through the hell of mold illness without herbs. In addition, we also now have research showing how different herbs can possibly help lower your MMP-9 and Tgf-beta-1. But the most common symptoms of mold illness such as sleep disturbances, digestive issues, emotional turmoil and hormone dysregulation can be helped immensely with herbal remedies. Do know that herbs alone will not heal you of mold illness, but they will certainly improve how you feel.

3. I offer affordable consultations to those most financially desperate.

Mold illness can easily destroy someone’s life and their livelihood. I keep my consultations affordable, and offer packages, which lowers the price point even more – which greatly benefits you as the purchaser.  But if this is even too much for some, please contact me for other options. As a mold illness sufferer and advocate myself, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to at least reduce symptoms, and hopefully make a plan to treat the root cause of mold illness. Even my near homeless clients can take steps to alleviate symptoms and look toward future improvement.

Not everyone becomes horrifically sick with mold illness, but almost everyone has questions about how to proceed with treatment and desperately wants to feel better. I’m here to help. Please see my “Consultations” page for information about how to sign up to see me as a client either in person, Skype, or phone. And don’t forget I offer a free 15 minute “Get to know me” appointment, where you can ask me questions to see if what I have to offer can help you. Everyone deserves care!

Please keep checking back, as I will be posting information and resources about mold illness on this page. Education is empowerment!