How to sign up for an Herbal and Nutritional Consultation:

Click here to go to the Scheduling page.

If you have been thinking about investing in your health, this is a great time, as my prices are discounted for a limited time only.

Here’s some tips:

1.  You must purchase your appointment or package before you schedule.

2.  Your intake forms also show up as part of the steps to complete before scheduling.  But you can fill the intake form out later if you log in with my online scheduler.

Please also mail or scan all labwork you have had in the past 2 years to me.  I do not diagnose, but am trained to find patterns in bloodwork.

Email me at

I see best results with clients that see me several times.  The quick fix doesn’t work when you are looking for true healing.  So I offer the best consultation prices for clients that purchase packages.

My preferred method for seeing clients long-distance is Skype, which is free and easy to download. If you unable to get Skype, Facetime or phone consults work fine also.

During your appointment, I review your paperwork, labs and additional questions. I will explain in detail all of the suggestions I have based on your unique health situation. After the initial consultation, within 5 days, I will send you an official “Suggestion Sheet” of everything we talked about. You will receive this via email. Your customized herbal teas can be purchased via my Etsy shop, and tinctures are often sent out for custom formulation.

Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled within 2 weeks to 1 month after the initial consultation. However, many people suffer from conditions where they need and want much more support, and be sure to check out my UNLIMITED Consultation package.  For this package I am available for whatever kind of support they desire, from herbal, supplemental and nutritional suggestions, to meal planning, diet eliminations, recipes, and sometimes people just need someone experienced with chronic illness to listen to their story. For others with conditions that aren’t quite as serious, follow-up consultations are important to review how the changes you have made are affecting your body and to choose new herbs or dosages to reflect those changes. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions at! I look forward to hearing from you!

“Sometimes the ability to help people comes from having walked a mile in their shoes. This is exactly where Lori is. She has dealt with her own health struggles and in the midst of that has become one of the most educated people I know on herbs and mold illness. Her first hand experience, coupled with her education and clinical experience, gives her a unique ability to help her clients on their own healing journeys.” Jessica Espinoza, Wellness Educator, Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach,


“Lori Roop has helped me a great deal in not only pinpointing what was wrong, but also finding effective ways of treating them. Through just a diet change alone that she suggested during our first appointment, I felt like I had more energy and more refreshing sleep after only a month! She definitely knows what she is doing and is my go-to-herbalist for all of my medical related questions and concerns.” Josiah Boswell, IT Specialist


“I had struggled with post-menopausal and arthritis symptoms for many years. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed with all of my physical changes. I just wanted help to feel like myself again. I was so thankful when Lori came to my assistance. Not only did Lori listen, she also created a step by step list and timeline of her recommendations for me to follow. Lori is a well-trained, knowledgeable, professional who has helped educate me on what is best for me. I have returned to her guide often to make sure I’m still on track to great health.” From L.R. in Minot, North Dakota