Lori Roop, CCH

I am available for consults around the world via telephone, facetime and Skype.  To schedule an appointment, go here.   Please let me know if you have any other questions and please feel free to take advantage of my free 15 minute phone consult (sign up here) to discuss how I work and to see if we would be a good fit.  (Please note I am not able to give specific health advice during this free 15 minute phone call)  I would be honored to join you on your journey toward better health.

My primary goal is to help you feel good! And my method for successfully accomplishing this is to try and resolve the root of your problem. You deserve to feel good and experience vibrant health every day!

What are the steps I use to do this?

  • Since 80% of people will feel better with diet and lifestyle changes, I will work with you to construct a customized diet plan and lifestyle modification change. All designed just for YOU, and ALL at your own pace. Don’t feel like you want to change your diet quite yet or maybe you just aren’t able to? Don’t worry, we will work together and can start you with plenty of other ideas to get you back on the road to health.
  • I also suggest personalized (proven to work in my own practice or other experienced practitioner’s practices) herbal remedies, supplements and protocols designed just for your health status, your body, and your mind and soul. I don’t treat diseases, I work with you, a whole person, and I find the uniqueness of each client and their presenting symptoms as a fascinating subject to unravel.

“I LOVE seeing two people recover, with the exact same problem on paper; but both improve with drastically different approaches and protocols – because each person and the cause of their symptoms are so individual!” ~ Lori Roop

I also add an extra component of emotional healing with the addition of Flower essences. Oftentimes, there is a certain degree of emotional “stuckness” with every physical ailment, and Flower essences can address whatever you are going through right at that moment in your life and help you move through it.

One of my main goals is to empower clients to gain some control back over their health and to help their family to do the same. The key to this is education. I don’t believe in 5-minute treatments for short-term relief. I want to provide education along with specialized suggestions that provide long-term health. We are used to medicine being done to us. But with empowerment and education we now have shared responsibility and the ability to create vibrant long-term health not only for ourselves and for our families!

Making a change in your life and seeking help for any health questions is a big step! I would be honored to join you on this journey.

And if you need to schedule a Skype or phone consult outside of the times available in my online scheduler, please just contact me at LoriRoopRevitalizeYourHealth@gmail.com.

I am experienced in these common ailments and more:

  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Sleep issues
  • Hormonal issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Stress and depression
  • Low energy
  • Allergies and colds
  • Lyme – I use a combination of both the Buhner and Winston approach
  • Mold toxicity
  • Adrenal issues and/or thyroid issues
  • Skin issues, including eczema, acne and others
  • Chronic fatigue, CFS/ME
  • Metabolic syndrome such as pre-diabetes and insulin resistance and weight management
  • Elimination diets, menu planning and knowledgeable in dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, GAPS, AIP (Autoimmune Paleo)
“Wow! After answering Lori’s questionnaire and finishing the consult, Lori had obviously put a great deal of thought and knowledge into determining exactly what I needed. She suggested some inexpensive herbal supplements that have worked ever so well for my chronic constipation! Other problems are also resolving themselves. And Lori’s suggestion for a specific lab test revealed that I have suffered from Hashimotos for years and was never diagnosed by any doctor. [Lori’s note: I suggested a certain lab, and the naturopath was able to diagnose.] Thank you Lori, so much. I have come a long way and will soon be where I desire to be.” Cheryl J., Pueblo, CO


“Lori is wonderful to work with; very knowledgeable and thorough. I am so thankful for her and recommend her highly!” H.H., Parker, CO


“Having gone through her own healing crisis, she’s come through the other side well educated, and ready to help clients. Her knowledge of mold disease is thorough. In addition, she has an extensive herbal product line that is impressive, even to someone who has studied herbs extensively.” Diana Sproul, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Lifestyle Coach, www.TransformHealth.biz