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In a rushed modern world, teeming with synthetic materials and chemicals, here at LoriRoop.com, I offer you all natural and herbal alternatives.


  • Are you searching for a more natural approach from a practitioner?
  • Are you tired of taking prescription drugs that don’t ever resolve the problem and only seem to suppress your symptoms?
  • Or maybe you are just looking for some guidance for some annoying health issues that just won’t go away.

I use many different strategies to help remove roadblocks to better health, but with a primary goal to find and resolve the root of your problem.  (See my consultation page for much more information.)  I look forward to collaborating with you!

Herbal Products:

Check out my l.c. of acirema Etsy site to find a plethora of choices in natural, herbal, luscious skincare, nutrient-packed herbal teas, soak-worthy bath salts, and artisan-style herbal medicines, all handcrafted by a trained herbalist, yours truly!


Find my herbal products on MyCottageFoods, a site dedicated to showcasing all handmade items.


Office hours at the 2801 Youngfield St., Suite 321, Golden, CO, 80401 office are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 8pm and use the “Schedule Now” button, right above, to make an appointment.


And if you need to schedule a Skype or phone consult outside of the times available in my online scheduler, please just contact me at LoriRoopRevitalizeYourHealth@gmail.com.